Facility Reservations

Making Facility Reservations | Questions

Making Facility Reservations

Step One:
Review Facilities

Review the facilities that we rent on our Blue Spruce Park Rental Map or our Pine Ridge Park Rental Map. Rental rates for all facilities can be found on our Rental Rate Chart.

Step Two:
Review Calendar

Review the rental calendar below to locate a facility and rental date. The rental calendar is only a guide and the facility that you are interested in may already be reserved. Rentals are not posted on our on-line calendar until they are confirmed by our office staff.

Step Three:
Confirm with Office

Contact our office at (724) 463-8636 or indparks@gmail.com to confirm the facility is available for rent on the date that you desire.

Step Four:
Complete Application and Pay On-line or By Mail

Once you have received confirmation that the facility and date are available then complete the rental application. Mail the application along with your check or money order to us.

Blue Spruce Rental Application | Pine Ridge Rental Application
Wedding Permit Application | Special Event Permit Application | Race Permit

Payments are accepted by credit card (MasterCard, Discover, Visa) and ACH (Electronic Check Payments). A third party convenience fee of 2.45% ($2.45 minimum) will be charged for credit card payments and ACH payments will be charged a flat fee of $1.50.

We will receive an e-mail confirmation to verify your payment. This charge will appear as a separate fee on your credit card statement. Credit card payments are handled through a third party provider. We do not at anytime have access to your credit card information.

Blue Spruce Rentals Online Payment

Pine Ridge Rentals Online Payment

Step Five:
Receive Approval by Mail

You will receive a copy of your approved rental application. Thank you for supporting your county parks!


Our staff would be glad to help you determine the best facility to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have questions or would like to discuss your plans.