Weddings at Indiana County Parks

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Wedding at the Blue Spruce Park gazeboHaving an outdoor wedding in the park can be a unique and memorable event. Our parks can provide a scenic backdrop to your special day, but if you are planning a large wedding or an extensive reception after the wedding your event is better suited for a church, reception hall, country club or other large indoor facility. Our parks are more appropriate for small, intimate weddings of less than 100 people.

The weather is always a factor in planning an outdoor wedding. You should be prepared for all conditions and plan accordingly.

We have established specific regulations regarding weddings in our parks which you should carefully review. We have established these regulations to assist you with your event and to protect the park and other visitors who will be also be using the park. A Special Use Permit application must be submitted for any wedding taking place in one of the county parks.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about your wedding in the park please contact us. We also have prepared a Wedding Guide that may answer additional questions regarding weddings held at an Indiana County Park.

Park Regulations & Conditions for Weddings

  • Access for other park visitors must not be restricted or impeded. A Special Use Permit is authorization for your wedding to take place in the park but does not grant exclusive use of the entire park. It is recommended you schedule your wedding at a park lodge or less visited area of the park if you wish to increase the privacy of your event.

  • A $150 refundable damage/cleaning deposit must accompany all Special Use Permits. Other fees for the rental of lodge, pavilion or gazebo also apply. If you are only using the park grounds, but no park facilities, a $25 grounds fee applies.
  • Our park pavilions and lodges are normally booked in advance. Because of this busy schedule we are unable to allow access to pavilions or lodges for decorating or rehearsals the day prior to your rental. You can, however, guarantee access for decorating or rehearsals by renting the facility for two days rather than one.

  • Available parking is limited and cannot be held exclusively for your group. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Parking in lawn areas is not permitted without prior approval.

  • Please schedule a sufficient amount of time to conduct the event including set-up and clean-up. No set-up time will be allowed prior to the start time on your permit. If you are planning a rehearsal practice please indicate this on your application. Rental rates for park lodges and pavilions apply to rehearsal practices.

  • Special use permits will not be issued if they would conflict with other park activities or events.

  • Decorations and equipment must be discussed prior to issuance of your permit. The use of special equipment such as canopies, arches, chairs, tents or other decorations require park administrative review and may not be allowed in certain areas.

  • The use of staples, nails or tacks to hang decorations is not permitted.

  • If you are renting special equipment from a rental company please have the delivery of the equipment coordinated with the park office. Delivery of equipment whenever park staff are not on duty will result in an additional fee being charged at the rate of $15 per hour for park staff call outs.

  • In respect of other park visitors the playing of amplified music is prohibited. Acoustic music is permitted. Exceptions for portable tape decks, CD players can be made if discussed in advance with the park staff. Standing speakers, disc jockeys and public address systems are only permitted within the confines of park lodges, not pavilions.

  • Alcohol is not permitted. Violation of the no alcohol policy will result in forfeiture of your damage/cleaning deposit. Smoking is not permitted within park lodges.

  • To protect the park and its wildlife the releasing of balloons, doves or butterflies and the throwing of confetti, rice and birdseed is not permitted.

  • Fires, candles, torches and other sources of open flames are not permitted.

  • The posting of directional signage is permitted but must be removed promptly after the event. Directions to the parks and park maps are available on this website.

  • All trash must be placed in park dumpsters or garbage receptacles. All chairs and tables must be taken down and stored as you found them. Please make certain that someone from your group is assigned to remove trash and decorations after your event or you will be billed for staff at the rate of $25 per hour. If you are using a rental company please be certain that they will remove rental equipment promptly.

  • Park staff are not present at weddings and due to limited staffing may not be in the park at the time of your wedding. Law enforcement in County Parks is handled by the Indiana County Sheriff's Department.

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