Indiana County is home to four covered bridges constructed in the late 1800's and early 1900's. 

Kintersburg Bridge was named by Isaac Kinter, in honor of his father, John Kinter, a Revolutionary War veteran. J.S. Fleming, a Civil War veteran who was injured at the Battle of Cedar Creek, erected the bridge over Crooked Creek in September 1877. The bridge was constructed at a cost of $893.

Thomas Bridge

In June 1877 a county bridge over Crooked Creek near the property of John and Amos Thomas was approved for construction with the County to be responsible for two-thirds of the cost and John Thomas responsible for the remaining one-third of the bridge cost.

Harmon Bridge

Harmon Bridge is the youngest of the County’s four covered bridges. John R. Carnahan was awarded a contract to build a "frame covered bridge" over Plum Creek, near Dice’s. The contract specified that the bridge was to be completed within 30 days after the abutments were in place. The bridge was designed by Thomas Pealer, County Engineer, and was completed in July of 1910 at a cost of $525. Harmon Bridge is named after Civil War veteran J.S. Harmon.

Trusal Bridge

Trusal Bridge (also known as Dice’s Bridge) is the oldest of Indiana County’s covered bridges. At 41 feet the Trusal Bridge is the shortest of Indiana County’s covered bridges. It was named after Robert Trusal, a nearby property owner and Civil War veteran who owned the surrounding land at the time the bridge was built. Trusal Bridge is located about one-half mile downstream of the Harmon Bridge. The contractor and cost of the bridge construction are not known. The bridge was bypassed in 1990.