General Info

Old Smicksburg Park is a 33-acre park located in Smicksburg Borough, in northwestern Indiana County. Since the year 2000 the park has been managed by the Smicksburg Area Heritage Society, under a management agreement with Smicksburg Borough. Effective March 24, 2010 the management agreement was transferred to Indiana County Parks & Trails. For more information, check out our handy Old Smicksburg brochure.

Activities & Accommodations


The park offers a number of hiking trails that are suited to hiking, birding and wildflower study. A restroom, picnic tables, and gazebo are now available for visitor’s use.

Boat Launch

The Little Mahoning Creek runs through the town and provides a great location from which to launch a canoe or kayak.

Specialty Shops

The park also serves as an added attraction for tourists visiting the Smicksburg Amish country and the specialty shops of Smicksburg.