History of Old Smicksburg Park

Until the early 1940s the park property was part of Smicksburg. With the construction of Mahoning Dam, twenty-two properties were condemned for flood control purposes, including businesses, churches, cemeteries and a number of homes. About 65% of the population of Smicksburg was displaced by the federal government’s acquisition. In 1940 the town population was 240, by 1950 the population had fallen to 90, and today, about 45 people reside in Smicksburg Borough. Read more about the impact of the Mahoning Dam on the town of Smicksburg in this Gazette article from 10-25-1940.

Since its establishment in 1827 Smicksburg has undergone significant changes. The park provides an opportunity to preserve the history of Smicksburg, interpret life of an early American village, and provide a park in an area of Indiana County that is currently underserved by the Indiana County Parks & Trails department.