Blairsville Riverfront Trail History

The trail is one part of an overall community revitalization effort. Many historic buildings, which date from the town’s early history as a canal and transportation hub, can still be seen. Before the property was condemned for flood control purposes, in the 1940s, this area was an important residential and industrial area of Blairsville and southern Indiana County.

The residential area was known as Tin Town. Coal mines, other industrial buildings and a large plate glass factory, the Columbia Plate Glass Plant, were located here. Across the river from the trail, in Westmoreland County, the town of Cokeville and the Isabella Furnace Works once existed. Cokeville also disappeared with the flood control project. The bridge abutments for the Cokeville Bridge are still visible in the river along the trail.

The Blairsville Riverfront Trail represents the combined long-term efforts of many volunteers, civic, community and government leaders who believe the trail will benefit the community and visitors from outside the region. The process to complete the trail took place over a 10-year period and represents the culmination of the hard work of many supporters and partners.